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Stop Going to Meetings - 10 Questions to Ask Before Attending a Meeting - Get More Productive.

We get invited to attend so many "meetings" but do we need to attend them all? Use these 10 questions to assess if you should attend that next meeting invitation.

What is the agenda of the meeting? Don't attend a meeting without a clear agenda otherwise you are wasting time. Don't ever schedule a meeting unless you make it clear to your attendees what the purpose, timeframe and outcomes of the meeting will be.

Who is attending the meeting? Ask the question to ensure the meeting set at the right level and the correct people are involved.

Why do you need/want me involved? Make sure there is a good reason for you to attend the meeting.

What time does it start? Be strict with your own time and also those of the attendees. If you are scheduling the meeting always start on time regardless of if all attendees have arrived. Make it known you will start and finish on time.

What time does it finish? Advise all attendees that it will finish on time to allow them to attend their next meeting.

May I attend for my section only of the agenda? Where possible don't sit through unnecessary meeting discussions, only attend when the agenda item relates to your or your department.

What do you need me to prepare before the meeting? Get clear instructions of the preparation required. If the person scheduling the meeting advises you don't need to prepare anything- ask question 3 again, why do you want me involved?

When will minutes be available of the meeting? If possible take minutes at the meeting (handwritten is fine) and then walk to the photocopier, take enough copies for everyone and then give them out. Avoid extra work of typing minutes unless necessary.

Where is the meeting located? Ask for clear instructions including the floor number and the meeting room number to ensure you don't waste time looking for the meeting.

Can we teleconference instead of a physical meeting? Where possible handle matters over the phone to avoid wasting time in meetings.

By asking these 10 simple questions you will help educate those around you on the importance of managing & respecting time, save yourself time and you will be more productive in your day.

Neen is a Global Productivity Expert: by looking at how they spend their time and energy ? and where they focus their attention ? Neen helps people to rocket-charge their productivity and performance. An Aussie, a dynamic speaker, author and corporate trainer, Neen - strates how boosting your productivity can help you achieve amazing things. With her unique voice, sense of fun and uncommon common-sense, Neen delivers a powerful lesson in productivity.

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