Uniqueness in producing box packaging

Uniqueness in producing box packaging

Auditorium Gedung Direktorat Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

The Packaging in a glance

1. The Packaging Aspect

Packaging is the combination of science art and technology in protecting the product for handling, storage, sales display, end use.

2. Physical Protection

External element contact, shock, vibration, temperature, moisture, and gas barrier, and leakage.

3. Containment and Package

Small items in package, liquid, powder, and granular.

4. Information

Content, ingredient, direction how to use, pharmaceuticals marks, transport, handling, validity, and disposable or recycle.

5. Silent Market Agent

Eye catching, easy recognize, nice looking in color & design, attractive, and clear information.

6. Security

Anti theft RFID, and to avoid the counterfeiting of the product.

Raw Materials for Paper Board Packaging

1. Paper / Solid Board

Solid board (paper board / carton), made from virgin fiber or recycled carton board. Mostly for holding the light-weight item. The high quality graphics design can be applied. Substance in range 250-400 gsm.

2. Corrugated Board

Is a kind of thick board made from unbleached paperboard, with single or multiply walls apply for bigger size or heavy weight.

3. Combined Materials

Nowadays box made from combined materials with plastic as clear window or plastic lids, laminated with aluminum foil, PE extrusion. Thin steel plate or aluminum to strengthen the body, easy open-end & bottom sealed, better protection from leakage or gas barrier.

The Process

1. dEsigN

Original idea, inventing, shape, graphic communication, quick identified / recognize, marketable.

2. Convenience in use

Practice / easy to use, easy handling, special lids, easy open end, portion control.

3. Additional treatment on materials

The higher quality of the packaging evolving phenomenon in promoting the product ; High glossy surface with varnish coating, wax coating, calendering process, plastic film laminated, hologram & 3D embossed effect. Special design combined with mixed materials.

4. Packaging Machine

- Printing machine

- Surface treatment machine, die-cutting

- Pasting machine, folding-gluing machine

- auto-filling & sealing machine

- Packing machine for delivery

- Other supporting machine

Go green Packaging

1. Reduce

Globally choosing to protect the environment

Reduce consumption of natural raw materials

Energy saving

Waste minimization

Reduce to use

2. Reuse

To use re-useable container

Use the materials involves their reuse in producing different material.

Sustainable in collecting the reuse materials

3. Recycle

Ecological awareness towards the environment

A movement started sorting waste independently to facilitate recycling effort

Recycling of material would produce a fresh supply from the same material.

Bio-based, compostable materials for packaging, non petroleum

Packaging solution

Packaging design institution

Product content knowledge

Food & Beverage technology

Raw materials issue

Packaging making process

Packaging machinery

Packaging today

Make different with environmentally Packaging

2. Recyclable materials

3. Compostable

4. Biodegradable

5. Foodgrade materials

Safe the planet

Terima kasih atas perhatian anda

By: Ir. Marchadi

catatan: buat mahasiswa/i PNJ yang lagi pada bingung bikin resume seminar gara-gara mbolos dari uang seminar, maaf ya foto-foto ilustrasinya belum bisa tampil.

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  1. terima kasih pak, sangat berguna, krn saya gak dapet copy dari panitia

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