Kontribusi Perusahaan China Bagi Perekonomian Indonesia

Chinese enterprises contribute to Indonesia's economy

Along with the implementation of " going out" strategy, there has been more than 700 Chinese enterprises registered in Indonesia, contributing a lot to Indonesia's economy and society.

These Indonesia-based Chinese enterprises not only made rapid growth in their business, but also benefit Indonesia by providing job opportunities, pushing forward the development of local economy and society, thanks to their localization strategy.

ZTE and ICBC Indonesia are two of these Chinese enterprises, which are building an image in the country that shows international community sharing China's development.

ZTE, one of China's largest telecom equipment providers, has been in the Indonesian market for more than 10 years. At present, it has signed contracts with more than 400 local employees, and provided more than 1,000 jobs for local people through outsourcing and network construction projects.

By now, ZTE has built CDMA, GSM, 3G and backbone networks for local telecom operators, including Telkom, Indosat, SMART and Hutchison CP Telecommunications.

Adopting an operation idea of localization, ZTE concentrates on not only the sales but also serving the society. Thus, they provide both good and cheap telecom equipment to Indonesia's large rural market, such as small-sized base stations and mobile phones using solar energy, which accelerates the expansion of telecom coverage in the country.

These networks have contributed a lot to Indonesia's economy and society. On one hand, it triggered the emerging of Internet business, such online shopping, online banking and network marketing, in Indonesia, and pushed forward the sales of mobile phones and PCs. Last year, Indonesia's netizen population accounted for 17 percent of the country's total population, doubled from that in 2005. In the second quarter of this year, Indonesia's PC sales reached 1.2 million units, up 76 percent year on year. On the other hand, Indonesia's mobile phone user number reached 180 million by now, accounting for 80 percent of the total population; and the profits of Indonesia's ten domestic mobile telecom operators reached 100 trillion rupiah (around 11 billion dollars) in 2009.

Cui Yi, ZTE Corporation President of Asia-Pacific Regions, told Xinhua that ZTE gave the Indonesian telecom industry a subversively influence with its cheap but good products. He said that the company kept lower production costs with technical creation, which turned the expansive equipment into those affordable by more people. That truly improved local people's life, he added.

Besides, ZTE has done a lot to pay back to Indonesian society. For example, it established a training center that had cultivated more than 5,000 local telecom specialists. And responding to the tsunami in 2004 and strong earthquake in 2009, ZTE has donated emergent telecom equipment and supplies worth millions of dollars to the stricken areas.

ICBC Indonesia is another Chinese enterprise that contributed a lot to Indonesia's economy and society. On Sept. 28, 2007, the bank was established by one of China's largest commercial bank ICBC through an acquisition of local bank Halim. Since then, ICBC Indonesia has expanded its business scale by several times, and opened 12 branches and subsidies in the country. Meanwhile, the number of its employees has grown from around 250 to 419.

ICBC Indonesia has committed itself to supporting business between China and Indonesia, local mining industry, manufacturing and retail trade, with its market scale surged from 60 million dollars at the beginning to around 700 million dollars today. By the second quarter of 2010, its total assets has grown 11 times from the bank being established, while its loan value risen 22 times, gross debt up 13 times, making ICBC Indonesia one of the fastest developing banks in the country. This year, it was chosen as one of the top 50 biggest banks in the country by the Investor Magazine.

Yuan Bin, general manager of ICBC Indonesia, said that the bank would take the honor as the energy to further expand business scale, promote service quality, so that it could contribute more to the trade and economy development between China and Indonesia.

ICBC Indonesia attached great importance to corporate social responsibility and giving back to local society.

Last year, when a 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia's west Java, ICBC Indonesia launched a donation as soon as possible. Yuan Bin led a team to the worst hit area in Cianjur and send instant noodles, water, clothes and towels in urgent need to local people.

In the same year, the bank established the first benevolent fund set up by foreign financial institutions in Indonesia, to provide assistance to orphans who lost families in natural disasters and children eager for community's love. The bank also joined hands with Indonesia's famous Dilts children's charity through the fund and provided computers to the children that Dilts are looking after. [xinhua]

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